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For applications where the controlled space being created will require constant patient monitoring or the ability to see into an area without entering, PortaFab offers 3 distinct cleanroom window styles that integrate seamlessly with our modular wall and ceiling systems. Windows come in multiple sizes and glazing options.


Beveled Window

Designed specifically for cleanroom applications, the absence of a ledge on this window makes it easier to clean while the design eliminates corners that often collect dust, particles, and other microorganisms. It is a cost-effective alternative to double flush window systems that often require two separate pieces of glass and this design helps with achieving CDC compliance.

Beveled Cleanroom Window

Flush Window

The flush nature of this window style eliminates all ledges while providing a very easy to clean surface.  It is ideal for cleanrooms and other environments requiring extensive environmental control. 

Flush Cleanroom Window

Double Flush Window

Designed for interior wall applications that require flush surfaces on two sides, the double flush window system provides an attractive appearance and two completely flush surfaces.

Double Flush Cleanroom Window

Glazing Options

Cleanroom windows can be glazed with a variety of options as specified by the project requirements. Common options include:

  • UV
  • Acrylic
  • Insulated glass
  • Film covered glass
  • Lexan™
  • Static dissipative
  • Tinted glass


Available window sizes will depend on the wall system being utilized, but various sizes are available and easy to integrate into most applications.

Full-length windows integrated into our Series 300 wall system.

Local installation available from our network of Certified Healthcare Constructors

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