Why Modular

Modular Building - The Clean, Quick Alternative to Traditional Construction

There are numerous advantages for hospitals and medical centers to using modular (or pre-engineered) systems when looking to achieve greater environmental control, add more space or partition areas.

Clean Installation
  • Prefabricated systems require minimal on-site cutting and fabricating.
  • Less on-site fabrication results in less material waste.
  • Modular components are non-shedding.

Quick Installation
  • Pre-designed and prefabricated components install quickly and easily.
  • Pre-engineered designs require very little time to specify or coordinate.

Overhead shot of standard isolation room.

  • Wall panels can be easily replaced.
  • Easy to integrate new windows or doors.
  • Walls can be easily expanded or reconfigured without showing signs that a repair or modification has been made.

  • Modular systems can be easily removed, stored and relocated to a new location or facility for future use.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs provides increased ROI.
Grow Room Animation
Cost Effective
  • Pre-engineered designs reduce design, architectural and engineering time.
  • Prefabricated system significantly reduce construction costs.
  • Modular systems offer a fast depreciation rate of 7 years.

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