Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms

airborne isolation roomModular Cleanroom Systems for AIIRs


As a leader in the field of providing modular cleanroom systems for USP 797 and 800 compliant hospital compounding rooms, PortaFab offers a number quick, clean and compliant solutions for controlling infectious diseases.

Our modular systems can be used to create negative pressure isolation rooms and deployable AIIR shelters as well temporary wall systems for segmenting corridors and creating quarantined areas in all type of hospitals and health care facilities.


Seamless Integration with Filtration Systems

With decades of experience in developing systems for both negative pressure and positive pressure cleanrooms, PortaFab has the building systems and engineering experience to help you achieve your infection control goals quickly.

Integration of Various Door Systems

Given the requirement that infectious control rooms typically require self-closing doors on all exits, PortaFab’s offers of a number of door options. Options range from our stocked single and double doors with standard self closing hardware to more sophisticated sliding, roll-up and specialty doors.

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Well-sealed Rooms and Partitions

PortaFab’s modular cleanroom systems have decades of proven success in some of the most rigidly controlled environments. Our highly versatile, pre-engineered systems integrate seamlessly to create smooth, cleanable surfaces while minimizing leakage and helping one contain air pressure, ventilation and temperature.

Proper Air Flow

Our in-house engineering team and extensive network of distributors understand the need for proper air flow when outfitting isolated areas. PortaFab’s systems are design to accommodate the air supply ducts and grills with minimal on-site fabrication.

Local installation available from our network of Certified Healthcare Constructors

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