Essential Rooms for Infection Control

As an added level of defense against infection risk, AnteRooms are often included in the design of many airborne infection isolation rooms.  They are also essential for use in renovation, building and maintenance operations in hospitals, assisted living facilities and other healthcare operations.

PortaFab’s modular systems can be used to quickly and effectively solve the need for anterooms as they:

  • Integrate seamlessly with self-closing, hospital doors designed to meet room pressure requirements.
  • Can be configured in almost any shape or size, from small rooms attached to patient rooms to gown rooms for an entire department.
  • Include wiring studs for installing pressure monitors and alarm systems.
  • Can be outfitted with fan filter units or support other air filtration systems.


Due to the pre-engineered, modular design of PortaFab systems, they are an ideal alternative to fixed AnteRooms built with traditional construction materials.  They install quickly and cleanly and feature smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that withstand aggressive chemical cleaning agents.



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