Wall Systems

Multiple Systems for Greater Flexibility

Our modular systems are capable of creating a variety of environmental enclosures ranging from basic temperature and humidity control to negative and positive pressure hospital rooms that follow CDC standards.

Our large selection of interchangeable modular wall systems and components provide an economical solution to the design and build of clean environments that produce reliable and high­ performance negative pressure isolation rooms.

Wall Framing Systems

Cleanroom built with our Series 300 system.

The Cleanline Family of Wall Systems

Our Cleanline Systems are ideal for constructing rooms and buildings within the medical industry. The all-aluminum framework can provide load-bearing capabilities to support air-filtration and equipment and is ideal for highly controlled environments as it resists moisture and sanitization procedures.

Five Unique Systems

PortaFab wall systems range from our proven structural steel and aluminum post and panel systems to our ultra versatile F2000 framing system.  All of these wall systems can be outfitted with a variety of wall panels to achieve the required level of environmental control within your facility.

cleanroom video

Click to view our CleanLine wall systems overview video.

1. F2000 Wall Systems

The F2000 wall system features aluminum-faced wall panels that are non-outgassing, easy to clean, and highly resistant to aggressive cleaning solutions - all factors that decrease contamination concerns. The non-progressive design allows for easy removal of the walls for equipment bulkheading without the need to remove adjacent panels, framing studs or ceiling grids.

Features & Benefits
  • Durable, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Gasketing options
  • Support for process/utilities
  • Furring wall options

Highly controlled manufacturing environment featuring F2000 wall system.

2. Series 300 Wall System

Our Series 300 product line features thick, sturdy walls that can extend to an existing ceiling, divide space or create large, free-standing rooms and enclosures.  It features anodized or painted aluminum studs typically specified for use in hospitals and cleanroom applications which need to comply with stringent environmental control guidelines.

Features & Benefits
  • All aluminum construction
  • Wiring raceway for easy integration of electric and data lines
  • Standard wall heights up to 17'
  • Load-bearing system with walkable roof to support and provide access to lighting and filtration equipment

Series 300 room featuring full-length windows.

3. PortaMax XTRA TALL Wall System

Our PortaMax product line features thick, sturdy walls that can extend to the existing ceiling, divide space, create large, free-standing multi-story enclosures.

Features & Benefits
  • Extended heights.
  • Load-bearing system with walkable roof to support and provide access to lighting and filtration equipment.

xtra tall wall system

PortaMax systems provides extra tall walls for increased ceiling heights.

4. Furring Wall System

This economical system provides the ability to create a cleanroom or controlled environment out of an existing room. Furring wall systems offer an attractive, cost-effective option for construction over existing block or gypsum walls, studs, and columns. The functional design also allows it to be installed on metal studs to create a mechanical/plenum chase.

Features & Benefits
  • Flush cleanable surface
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Easy connection to strut or stud framework
  • Available in 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses

Existing wall cladded with CleanLine Furring wall.

5. OmniFlex

OmniFlex is our all-purpose 3" framing system featuring double layer steel studs that provide the quality, appearance and cost savings that makes constructional construction obsolete.  It installs quickly with minimal disruption to its surroundings and is our best selling system due in part to its great value and availability.

Features & Benefits
  • "Quick-Ship" availability
  • Modular flexibility
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Standard wall heights up to 17'

AnteRoom constructed with OmniFlex system.

Local installation available from our network of Certified Healthcare Constructors

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